At the Kernel of the “Meta Universe” Lies Our Self-same Tenet – 2022 New-Year Speech by Zhu Gongshan


Hitched to the “Dual Carbon” ride, 2022 predicates a wing-spreading year for GCL. Favorable policies have brought spring and poured sunshine onto the green mission bearer, positioning it at the crossroad of an epoch of unprecedented changes.


No winter can hold its grip forever and every spring comes and breathes hope. With your unyielding and generous support, GCL has managed to survive the three chrysalis years, and over one thousand days of adjusting and streamlining have begotten hard-core technologies, innovative modes and strong momentum for development.


Year out and year in, basked in the sunlight of the new age, all GCL members are engulfed by a touching current of “gratefulness”. Auld lang syne, sing our prayer. To all the friends who have given your care, your support and your help, we extend our most heartfelt appreciation, and to all the comrades who have fought side by side with us, my bow to your companionship!


An individual is as small as a dust mote. Only a man of honest deeds can be a man of good means. An enterprise can be big, but never big enough to override its time, nor to thrive without catering to its customers. There is no better a witness than time. Staying value-oriented is the indispensable prerequisite for surviving and tiding over hard times. The never-fading faith shall be held throughout the life cycles of the ever-green development concertos.


At the kernel of the “Meta Universe” lies nothing but our self-same tenet. Anyone who has just walked on thin ice will feel that the present and the future cannot be cherished more, seeing the fog rising above the lake when turning his head. We have every reason to revere the talented, to shield from risks and to stick to common sense. We know better than ever to pay respect to the market, to salute to technology, to abide by the rules, to build up our confidence and to ritualize introspections and reflections.


Pressures never vanish completely. When one problem is solved, another one arises. The pandemic strike of Covid-19 and the accelerated evolutions of world affairs have added motley complexity to our outer environment. In seeking for development, there is no best solution but an optimal rule: technology is “the First Resource” and innovation is the panacea. It’s important to assume the grand tone, but not so critical as to target the specific and focus on the immediate. GCL has been laying a solid foundation for the Zero Carbon future by advancing in carbon materials, silicon materials, lithium materials and integrated circuit materials. GCL is thoroughly willing and generous to invest in talents and technology in the long run, cultivating the confidence to dedicate to a methodical and broad unfolding of a zero-carbon era.


Carbon footprint contains all related information. Causes can be traced by simply scanning the code. We have been digitalizing our operation model, building up the enterprise data base, streamlining energy flow, integration flow, information flow and capital flow to form a "four in one" quartet. We are targeting toward a technology-driven GCL, a digital GCL and a greener GCL, committed to bring green energy into daily life as a token of contribution for the “Carbon Peak” and “Carbon Neutral” goals.


Our world and our life may never be perfect but are always worthy of our efforts. In 2022, the commercial demand of the global village may shrink, but the common belief in “a community with a shared future for mankind” is widely spread. The supply is impacted but not our dream. The economic growth may decelerate, but to defeat the “monsters” remains the mission for the “Hexagonal Warriors”. Laying prostrate bids farewell to happiness and involution only speeds Ixion’s wheel. In spite of the setbacks on the way, we are fearless, confident to convert our journey into a ballet on the ice.


2022 has poured down its first sunlight and the “Dual Carbon” goal has long bugled its call. The bell of the New Year has wakened up the energetic dreamers to a refreshing and striving marathon.


GCL believes that if faith had a color, it should be the color of passionate Chinese red; if innovation could express, it should express with technological blueness. When the future is promising, it holds the zero-carbon green flag.


GCL has always been leading green development with passion in its gene, complying with politics, looking to the grander picture, daring to shoulder responsibilities, never flinching from difficulties, and more than ready to share. We are committed to maximize with minimalism, to devise a human-oriented ecology and to pursue a bright future borne out of collaboration, fueled by the enthusiasm and motivation of each and every member of the green energy community towards commonwealth.

From salt to summit, every individual can transit to greatness. Let’s stay young and vigorous, think and act outside the box and stride forward without hesitation. It’s high time we shed off the restlessness and stagnation and took on kinetic vivacity to embark on a new journey with our vision hitched to the stars, across the oceans and beyond.


GCL and Zhu Gongshan look forward to your companionship on this odyssey! Happy New Year!