Happy Chinese New Year of Tiger! Greetings from Zhu Gongshan




Dear GCL community members,


Happy Chinese New Year!


The bell is about to ring for the Chinese Renyin Tiger Year, and Spring Festival is in the air. For us, it has been a long year of striving. At this moment, some of you are on your way back for a family get-together, some still working hard on the very front line. At this most-celebrated holiday for us Chinese people, whereever you are, please allow me to extend my best regards to all of you!


Family love and affection reign the Chinese New Year and make the Spring Festival “the Festival”. We so look forward to the family reunion because our folks are accustomed to being concerned of each other. GCL’s family culture is the cornerstone of a green, zero-carbon community. This is our great virtue that bonds, unites and inspires. We value rules and order, but we value morals and humanities more. We have been tiding over hard times and survived over the course of 3 chrysalis years of adjustments. We give credit to our family culture for us being able to stick together and weather the storm. It is the trust and the sense of togetherness among us that has made it possible this bright opportunity granted by the “Dual Carbon” goals. We have in each and every of us, a sibling, a partner and a comrade. We are a family! Happy New Year my fellows, and my best wishes to all of you!


GCL knows to appreciate, cultivates relationships and maintains a good credit standing. Great an individual can be, but just a dust mote in the population. Likewise, an enterprise is only a cell to the society and fed by the society. If we compare GCL to a tree, the Communist Party of China, the country, the government, the society, our customers, shareholders and partners etc. are all necessary conditions and premises for the tree to carry out any photosynthesis. We are more than grateful to the Party and bear loyalty to its leadership. We pray for our country to be safe and sound and to prosper. Also, let’s give our most sincere greetings and heartfelt appreciations to our customers, our shareholders and our partners. We are thankful for all the support, help and assistance we have received from all walks of life.


Basked in the auspicious sound of gongs and drums and inspired by the brightening-red couplets, GCL is to continue its zero-carbon journey and to contribute to common prosperity with constant technique innovations. Recently, a special collective study on achieving the goals of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" has been conducted by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, during which, President Xi Jinping has been calling for prioritizing the development of alternative energy and clean energy industries and promoting the development of solar energy, silicon energy, hydrogen energy and renewable energy in a practical and active manner. A leader and bell-wether, GCL has been exploring and trailblazing on the dearer carbon path for 32 years and it is GCL’s time now to rise to greatness. It may still be a long way to go, but we are fearless since we are on the right path. With a firm and strategic determination toward a “Technology-driven GCL”, a “Digital GCL” and a “Green GCL”, GCL is setting off again with confidence and in high spirits, relying on hard-core technologies in silicon energy, solar energy, hydrogen energy, lithium materials, carbon materials, perovskite and mobile energy. Only by doing so, GCL can live up to our times, to various expectations and to the honor of its own.


Tiger represents power and bravery. Let’s stride toward the future and grow stronger. May the Tiger Year bring us and our family energy, good health, happiness and success. Happy New Year!