Grander Cadenza & Light – GCL 2021 Highlights in a Nutshell


Time, in its store,
Has for the individuals the well of wisdom and the fountain of power.
2021 has just passed,
Leaving an indelible imprint on GCL’s history.
For GCL, it has been a year of events:
Under the leadership of the Party,
Determined for development,
GCL has entered the new field of mobile energy, and
Blueprinted for “Technical GCL”, “Digital GCL” and “Green GCL”.
Internalizing “Yan’an Spirit”,
Believing in “Common Prosperity”, and
With its hard-core technology,
GCL has been turning the tides in the capital markets.
Capturing the theme of “Dual Carbon”,
GCL has embarked on a new journey of striving and climbing.
The behaviorist has found the right path, and shall follow it fearlessly and resiliently.

01 Cultural Reflection

Calibrating the course for GCL's sustainable development

On March 9, the theme cultural activity, "Forward in Reflection", kicked off. On May 15, the "Guidelines for GCL’s Cultural Reflections" was released. Multi-dimensional reflections were carried out within the whole GCL Group, theming "the Seven Optimizations and the Nine Enhancements". On September 29th, at “the Fourth Quarter Blastoff” Reflection and Reform Conference, the "Chairman's Podium" was officially launched. Zhu Gongshan gave his first lecture passionately, encouraging all GCL staff to make self-analysis, self-introspections and self-examinations with the courage for expurgation.

02 “G” Action

Entering Mobile Energy Field

On March 31, held in Beijing was the three-in-one conference - "Military-Driven and Carbon-Driven Green Transportation High-Quality Development Forum, GCL ET Mobile Energy Strategic Transformation and the CICC-GCL Carbon Neutrality Fund Setup Press Conference”. The conference was guided by the China Electricity Council and sponsored by GCL Group and CICC Capital. GCL released an impressing plan package: G Action, Green (low-carbon energy and green ecology), Generate (mobile energy solutions), Gather (cross-border innovations). GCL energy and technology has begun to boom and “GCL Super-scale Electricity Port” is being formed. The self-developed "GCL Power Replacement Software V1.0" obtained the first software copyright since its launch into mobile energy business.

03 The Carrier of the “Red Spirit”

On May 19, the Yan'an Spirit Research Association of GCL Group was officially established in Suzhou. It is the first time that such an organization was initiated and established by a private enterprise in the country.

04 Common Vision and Common Prosperity

"Action Plan for Common Prosperity Strivers" Released

On August 28, GCL Group held the kick-off meeting for common prosperity and released the "Action Plan for Common Prosperity Strivers". GCL launched partnership planning, revised its salary and welfare policies, reformed its income distribution methods and designed a fairer revenue-sharing system for its employees sticking to the principle of more gains for more contributions. GCL anchors its common prosperity at “togetherness, family care and personal growth”, implementing income improvement plans, stock ownership plans, and welfare improvement plans, rhyming the GCL dream with China’s dream and giving the GCL employees a higher sense of happiness.

05 GCL Kindles

Power Generation Project Kalbar-1 in Indonesia Kindles the "Belt and Road"

On June 25, Indonesia local time, GCL Power Group’s first overseas energy project, Kalbar-l, a coal power generation project, officially started its commercial operation after 4 years of preparation, approved by the Indonesian National Electric Power Company. It means GCL has answered actively to the national “Belt and Road Initiative” and culminated in a new height.

06 “Smart” Blueprint

Hefei PV Module Super Factory Online

On September 28, GCL SI Hefei 60 GW high-efficiency photovoltaic module manufacturing base was officially online. This is a strategic project demonstrating the manufacturing transformation and upgrading for GCL Integrated. It was built within 180 days, a "GCL Miracle" at a "GCL Speed".

07 The Manufacturing Tripods

In the East, in the West, and in the North, 10,000-Ton-Scale Particles Silicon Manufacturing Bases Deployed

On November 10, POLY-GCL Xuzhou base added a 20,000-ton FBR pelletized modular project, bringing the total production capacity to 30,000 tons. GCL has planned to build a 100,000-ton FBR granular silicon production base in Xuzhou and Leshan respectively, and a 300,000-ton production base in Baotou. GCL's FBR granular silicon R&D and production have officially entered the era of "systematization, standardization and digitization”, paving the way for an integrated, smart, and reproducible development mode. The three production bases will form a tripod. Also, POLY-GCL FBR Granular Silicon has obtained the first "Carbon Footprint Certificate of Granular Silicon Products" in France and in China, and the carbon footprint value has broken the world's lowest record previously set by German Wacker.

08 Technical, Digital and Green Blueprinting

GCL’s Strategic Transformation

On November 8, GCL Group clearly put forward the new strategy toward " a Technical GCL, a Digital GCL, and a Green GCL". GCL will unswervingly focus on science and technology innovations as its driving force, digitalize its operations and green its mode for further high-quality development.

09 Consecutive Making to the Honor-roll

Top 500 “Grand Slam”

GCL continues to rank first in the 2021 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises in Green Energy Industry; 222nd in the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, 97th in the Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises, 31st in the Top 100 Leading Enterprises in Strategic Emerging Industries, 72nd in the Top 100 Chinese Multinational Corporation in terms of Multinational Index; 78th in the Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises, 41st in the Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises in Manufacturing; 4th in the 2021 Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises, the one and only listed Chinese enterprise among the top five.

10 Favored by Capitals

Leading Institutions Favors GCL-POLY, GCL-ET

On January 14, GCL-Poly successfully placed its shares for the first time this year, raising a net amount of approximately HKD 414.8 billion; on December 22, GCL-Poly successfully placed its shares again, with a net proceeds of approximately HKD 4.994 billion. Leading institutions led the investment.

On November 15, GCL ET's non-public offering of shares was approved by the Issuance Review Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the 5-billion-yuan additional share offering tailored for the construction of new energy vehicle swap stations and other projects was officially approved.