Zhang Ping and Zhu Gongshan Meet for Green and Mutual Development



On the morning of April 1st, Zhang Ping, Chairman of the board of directors of Beijing Energy International Holdings Co., Ltd., and his delegation went to Chengdu, Sichuan to meet with Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of GCL Group, in seek of a comprehensive partnership in the new energy field.

Zhu Gongshan extended his welcome to Zhang Ping and his delegation, and gave a picture of the recent development and future strategies of GCL Group. He said that GCL Group has always been taking green energy technology as the driving force, and is blueprinting for a technology GCL, a digital GCL and a green GCL to comply with the national "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" goals. Beijing Energy International has been enjoying a rapid development over the last two years and has yielded outstanding results. The two sides share the same vision in development and have complementary advantages in technology, resources, talents, capital, and institutional mechanisms. It is of mutual benefits for the two sides to build partnerships in a wide range from new energy development, construction, operation and maintenance to new technologies, new materials, etc. A project team should be set up immediately to advance the cooperation.

Zhang Ping gave a detailed introduction about Beijing Energy International's business and its future plans. He said that Beijing Energy International, a pilot enterprise for mixed-ownership reform in Beijing, has great flexibility and is in a leading possession. It focuses on green energy development and aims to build a clean energy industry ecosystem that is characteristically multi-energy complementary, smart and collaborative. The company has “controlled and authorized” a total installed capacity of over 12 million kilowatts. As a pioneer and leader in the new energy industry, GCL Group has a lot to share. The two sides are on the same page for the future development of the new energy industry and have a good foundation for cooperation. It is hoped that the two parties will take this meeting as an opportunity to kick off further cooperation, to plan and promote new energy advancement, to deploy top-level design, etc. Proposals should be made as soon as possible to initiate and push cooperation projects to take place, which will contribute to the early realization of the national "dual carbon" goals.

Representatives from Beijing Energy International and GCL Group participated in the discussion.