GCL Group and CATL Start Strategic Cooperation



On August 22, GCL Group and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties make commitment to maximize their respective advantages and expertise to carry out comprehensive cooperation in technological innovation, product research and development, heavy-truck battery swap and battery recycling, to explore multiple scenarios and develop new business models, to promote the rapid implementation of new energy projects, and to advance the steady development of the new energy industry.

In regards to the compatibility of heavy-truck swap stations, the two parties will carry out technical cooperation and exchanges to facilitate the compatibility and interoperability of the swap stations.

In terms of the cascade utilization of power batteries, the two parties will optimize the full life cycle battery cost structure based on the application scenario of heavy truck plus energy storage, realizing the cascade utilization of power batteries in energy storage.

In addition, the two parties will actively seek innovative collaboration in power battery recycling, join hands with the upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain to build a mobile energy ecosystem, and offer their wisdom and make contribution for carbon peak and carbon neutral.