Long-term Strategic Cooperation Signed between CATL and GCL



On September 19, CATL and GCL Group held a signing ceremony for a long-term strategic cooperation agreement at CATL's headquarters in Ningde, Fujian, in the wake of the two parties winning the first and the runner-up of the top 500 global new energy companies respectively. Han Wei, President of the Commercial Division of CATL, and Li Yansong, Vice President of GCL Group, cosigned the agreement on behalf of the two enterprises. Zeng Yuqun, Chairman of CATL, Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of GCL Group, Li Ping, Vice Chairman of CATL, Fei Zhi, Vice Chairman and Co-President of GCL Nengke, and other top managers attended the signing ceremony.

According to the agreement, the two parties will maximize their respective advantages and expertise in technology, human resources, marketing, costs, etc. Comprehensive cooperation is committed in technological innovation, product research and development. The goal is to promote the steady development of the new energy industry. Multiple-scenario applications are to be advanced and new business models to be explored. PV and energy storage will be further integrated to synergize the application ends. Implementations will be quickened for large-scale base projects integrating source, grid, load and storage. For heavy-truck swap stations, technical cooperation and communication will be enhanced to facilitate compatibility and interoperability. For the cascade utilization of power batteries, the lifecycle battery costs will be optimized, using the model of heavy truck plus energy storage to realize the cascade utilization of power batteries in energy storage. For the recycling of power batteries, innovative collaboration will be sought among the upstream and downstream partners in the whole industrial chains to build a mobile energy ecosystem.

CATL is a world-leading innovative technology company, dedicated to providing first-class solutions and services for global new energy applications. For five consecutive years, CATL has ranked first worldwide in the supply of power batteries, and it had the largest market share in the world’s energy-storage battery production in 2021. While with 32 years of development, GCL Group is a global category-defining enterprise driven by green, low-carbon and zero-carbon innovations and technology with its business portfolio covering wind power, PV power, energy storage, hydrogen energy and the integration of source-grid-load-storage topology of the new-energy network. GCL is building a new ecology in new energy, clean energy and mobile energy industries, coordinating the development of relative industries such as silicon materials, lithium materials, carbon materials, integrated circuit core materials and so on. Under the national theme of "Dual Carbon", GCL is determined to form an ecological industry chain from the material end to the energy end, deploying its blue ocean strategy in the fields of lithium mineral resource development, positive and negative material manufacturing, and constructions of low-carbon and zero-carbon energy bases.

Taking this signing as a starting point, the two parties will embrace their promising adventure in green and low-carbon energy development and strive onward and upward to expand its market, form new business models, and create a new ecology for the new energy industry.